Yoga in Schools

Children’s Hatha Yoga

We practice a traditional Hatha Yoga Class. These classes are fun; and playful with a Health and Wellness focus. We bark like dogs in Down Dog Position; we gobble in Turkey Position and we hiss in the Cobra Position but all the while we learn about the effects on our wellness.

Children’s Thematic Yoga

We practice a traditional Hatha Yoga Class with a focus on a particular theme. The range of Themes is almost limitless: Personal Qualities such as Gratitude or Kindness; Life Skills such as Exam Preparation or Stress Management; Holidays such as Thanksgiving or Seasons such as Raining Season or Winter.

Children’s Story Telling Yoga

We tell a story as we practice our Yoga Breaths; Mindfulness Techniques; Movements and Positions. The stories change dramatically – some schools request a particular story such as an historically significant event. The class tells the story through talk; props; positions; movements; breathing and mindfulness techniques.

Children’s Storybook Yoga

We read a storybook together then we practice yoga recalling phrases and events in the story we read as we retell the story. We can provide the storybook or with advance notice the school can.

Children’s Curriculum Based Yoga

We practice yoga while emphasizing curriculum oriented themes. In the past we have utilized a school wide theme such as empathy or a subject based theme such as rocks in Science. To do this type of yoga justice we need advance notice to plan your unique Curriculum Based Children’s Yoga Class.


Rainbow Yoga Wellness can provide Yoga Classes for your entire school or just one class. Contact us for more information.

We have taught Children’s Yoga for Irie Eco Day Camp; Green Hands After School Program; Goodwill Preschool; Convent High School; Pioneer Preparatory School; Ross University Preparatory School; Mountview Alternative School as well as Discover Dominica Programs; Dominica Ministry of Health Programs and Dominica Youth Division Programs.


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