Yoga in Nature

              ” The earth is an infinite source of free electrons. Human beings are a complex and dynamic electrical circuitry that benefits from being grounded.” ~ Paula Baker – Laporte


Imagine practicing yoga in nature …. the air you breath is so pure and clean and oxygenized you almost taste it; the sun’s rays warm you with a gentle radiant heat from head to toe or the silvery rays of the moon calm and sooth you all over; the cooling breezes caress the skin; the subtle electrical pulsations flow through you from the atmosphere, the earth and the plants; the melodious songs of nature serenade you; the hues and tones of earth, leaf, flower, bark, water, sand or sky soothe the mind. At times nature presents a colourful gift – a rainbow or two. You feel are one with nature.


Yoga by the Sea is so relaxing!

The sounds of the water; the subtle sensations of the sea breeze as it kisses your skin; the soft warm sands to release into; as you view that special place where the blues of the sky meet the blues of the sea.

Let us take you…….

……. where black and white sands blend into beautiful mosaics; where the waves of the Atlantic crash onto shore; where the waves of the Caribbean gently roll onto the sand; where river and sea meet.


Yoga in the Rainforest is healing!

The sounds of the forest dwelling birds; the moist oxygenated air; the soothing healing array of greens; the every changing patterns of the sun’s rays diffused through the forest canopy.

Let us take you…….

….. into the depths of the rainforest to practice yoga while gazing at the roots of the forest floor or the greens of the canopy high overhead.


Yoga by a Waterfall is invigorating! 

Listen to the sound of waters tumbling down to the rocks below; hear the rare haunting call of the mountain whistler; while gazing at the majestic waterfall cascading over the cliff.

Let us take you……. 

….. to practice yoga and deep breathing of the moisture laden, oxygenated air by a waterfall in a tropical garden.


Yoga in a tropical garden is luxurious! 

We are surrounded by an endless variety of colors and hues; the air is so fragrant you drink it in; enlivened by the dance of light and shadow.

Let us take you …..

….. into a tropical garden to practice yoga; breathing deeply of the subtle scents of flowers and plants around you; surrounded by tropical plants and flowers as we delve into the ‘moment’.


Sunrise and Sunset are considered to be two of the two most conducive times for the practice of yoga.

Sunrise Yoga is a great start to the day!

The clear refreshing morning air; the quiet stillness as the earth and it’s people begin to wake; the promise of a beautiful day to come.

Let us take you …..

……. to practice yoga as beams of sunlight stream out from behind fluffy clouds and the birds welcome the morning with song.


Sunset Yoga is a wonderful way to close a day

The sun is not so intense, there is a different diffusive light and nature is settling down to rest for the night.

Let us take you …..

……. to practice yoga as the sun sets and the sky is filled with the incredible colours of a  Caribbean sunset.


Full Moon Yoga is inspiring!

In Dominica where moonlight nights are bright and warm this can be a very special experience.

Let us take you …..

To practice yoga in the light of the full moon! Depth perception and balance change in this special light. If the night is clear we can find our moon shadows! On rainy nights we can gaze at moonbows!

Highly Trained Teachers.

Yoga classes adapted to your needs AND the environment.



$75 US per class for up to 5 people – anywhere you wish on this island! 1 1/2 hour class



Prices vary according to tour and transportation needs.


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