Week Long Retreats

Rainbow Yoga Health and Wellness

Week Long Retreats


We practice yoga early every morning looking out over a tropical valley; breathing deeply of the moisture laden air; giving thanks for the new day.

 We explore the island visiting tumbling waterfalls; tropical pools; beautiful beaches; rainforest farms; snorkling in the clear waters of the Caribbean and touring the Carib Reserve.

Some afternoons we practice yoga on the beach; others we explore different styles of yoga in the yoga space.

 Nature frequently blesses us with multi coloured rainbows; striking Caribbean vistas; blue greens of the Atlantic; brilliant blue skies; the thunder of rain and dramatic star filled expanses while we practice a yoga mindful of the gifts all around.


We stay in quaint cottages designed to take full advantage of the panoramic views.

 views of the mounains and sea.


We eat healthy slow foods; lovingly prepared daily with local organic ingredients.

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  1. Hello! I was wondering if there was anyways to find out about taking a yoga class on the beach Wednesday March 17 of the upcoming year. I’ll be on vacation on the island and would thoroughly enjoy the experience! Thanks so much!

    • I would love to provide a private yoga class on the beach. What beach will you be near?

      I can meet you at a beach of your choice; timing often has to be adjusted according to the side of the island and the sun.

      I charge $50 US per 1 1/2 hour class for up to 5 people. It is $10 US more for every person over 5. I provide mats and straps.

      It is truly a wonderful experience; yoga in nature is special.

      Email me at rainbowyoga@yahoo.com to reserve your class and find the wave like quality of the breath!

      Trudy 🙂

  2. I am planning a trip for end of year 2010 and would love to stay and do some yoga be in nature. I hope that you have something for that time. I am just mesmerized

    • Hi;

      Thanks for your kind comments! You can hardly tell I love what I do.

      Are you looking for a yoga holiday; or a yoga class in nature; or a yoga class at your hotel or a yoga day tour?

      I would love to assist you in any way you wish. Email me at rainbowyoga@yahoo.com and tell me your heart’s desire!

      Yoga in nature is healing and calming in a special way.

      Looking forward to your email.

      Trudy 🙂

  3. I sent you a reply to your yahoo account but I am looking for a yoga holiday.

  4. I will email you when we schedule more dates.

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