Jenny Jackson Miller

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Jenny was drawn to the practice of Yoga in 2004, where for the first time, she felt complete elation from an exercise class: her heart was more open than ever, and her mind was completely balanced. At the close of each class she felt that she was content, powerful, and full of peace. This has led to a life dedicated to the practice of Hatha Yoga, Meditation, study of ancient texts, devotional practice, and the practice of selfless service – which has transformed her life. Because of her eternal gratitude to the healing power of Yoga, Jenny feels she must use Yoga to help others find the health, balance, and serenity that she experiences.

We are pleased to announce Jenny will be the primary teacher in ongoing  Weekly Classes at The Champs in Picard.

You can also contact us to experience a private yoga session with Jenny at your home, workplace or hotel,

She will guide you into conscious relaxation, teach you yogic breathing techniques, ignite your inner fire with sun salutations, and help you to heal both the mind and body as she guides you through a series of classical Hatha Yoga postures. Based on the experience and interest of the student, Jenny will adapt each class to individual needs both physically and energetically. She will share the benefits of the exercises as they relate to systematic release and re-balancing of the interconnected body and mind.

Jenny also offers Hatha Yoga classes with the following focuses: inversion workshops, headstand workshops, restorative classes, and breath cleansing classes.

In addition, she offers classes and workshops based on the philosophy of yoga: Positive Thinking, Introduction to Meditation, The 5 Points of Yoga as taught by Swami Vishnudevananda, The Path of Yoga in Holistic Mind-Body Healing, and Overcoming Addictions Using Yoga. Other philosophy-based classes can be customized for those interested, and also integrated into any of the Hatha Yoga exercise based classes.

Jenny has completed a 200-hour yoga certification and an advanced 500-hour certification with the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Organization. She has also completed a children’s teacher training course with Global Family Yoga. She has lived under the guidance of her teachers, and has travelled in India, deepening her study and practice of Yoga.


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