Ellen Haas



Looking back at myself treading steps of a yoga path through life, the first memory comes of my exchange year in Canada as a teenager, where in an acting class at High School, i guided my fellow students through a sun salutation for warm up.

Studying acting in my early twenties in New York City, mindful movement, breath awareness and self reflection accompanied me every day. Yoga was one of my supportive building blocks refining my self to a sensitive yet strong instrument for acting.

In my midtwenties studying massage and wholistic health practioner, yoga allowed us to begin our days of learning focused and tuned into our bodies, ready to explore our bodyminds through touch and meditation.

In the following years of travel i either practised yoga by myself or enjoyed guided sessions each morning in the various communities where i lived and worked.

During my first week on this Nature Isle intrigued i observed a beautiful lady with long grey locks in a Rainbow Yoga T-Shirt and with a big roll of yoga mats under her arm.

When i heard about her vision of giving a Yoga Teacher Training, i felt excited that this red thread of self exploration is blessed to grow deeper whilst living in this special place on earth.

I have now completed the first year of the training.

I continued my studies last summer in Germany.

Still a fresh yoga teacher I feel honored and inspired to continue this adventurous journey of self and ongoing study together.

Please Feel invited and welcome to join an Irie Yoga class.

We enjoy a strengthening & relaxing yoga session; deepening our

flexibility, balance & mindfulness.

We explore the basic yoga poses, breath awareness & meditation.

Welcome to a journey within.


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