Elise Agar



I’m Elise and I’m looking forward to sharing some of the joys and benefits that Rainbow Yoga has provided for me. Whether or not you have had any experience with yoga, I hope you can attend one of our classes. If you are reading this, then I trust you have at least an interest in knowing more 🙂


A few main points are: i) you don’t have to be flexible ii) you do not have to chant in Sanskrit and iii) we will not make you stand on your head or twist into a pretzel (at least not in beginner classes). Just show up and be guided in a mindful awareness and focus on your own body & mind. Get to know your breath, all your muscles, all your tensions and your peace. Get to know yourself.


When I first thought about ‘Rainbow Yoga’, I thought it was a pretty image that matched Dominica (we see countless rainbows here! And I mean strong and full, often double ones). As I came to learn more about yoga as an industry, especially through the teacher training, I realised that the rainbow was the perfect description of a multi-faceted SPECTRUM of history/styles/non-physical elements/ and lifestyle philosophies that make up this incredible thing we call yoga.


Despite how much I enjoyed yoga classes when I started, it has taken me years to really sink into the physical poses and increasingly gain from their effects. I suspect it will be in years to come that I might be aware of the impact of some of the non-physical layers. YOGA is truly a lifestyle and a lifetime’s practice … but don’t let that stop you from jumping in and experiencing some overall health & wellness improvements right away!




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