I love yoga. I love practicing yoga; I love teaching yoga; I love how it enhances my feelings of well being; I love how it gives me energy; I love the way I get stronger with every day; I love what yoga has done for me; I love what I see yoga do for others! ~ Trudy Scott Prevost


I started practicing yoga before yoga mats; when there were not many “styles” of yoga yet invented. I was 16 and something just kept guiding me and gently pushing me towards obtaining a knowledge of yoga. Mystical things happened like having a book on yoga delivered to my mailbox without a return address or walking along the road to find one of my favourite yoga books in the recycling by the sidewalk. Yoga wasn’t really in my scheme of things and yoga was not in my culture but yoga kept showing up.

Over the years I continued to study and reap the benefits of yoga. I found the yoga classes at University a life saver as I took my 1st degree in Computer Programming and Systems Design.

I handled the stress of work through yoga as I worked in the corporate world designing computer systems for a subsidiary of Mitsubishi.

I read yoga books like novels and practiced yoga regularly, attending classes whenever I could.

During those years the whole world of healthy lifestyles as a form of preventative medicine opened up for me.

I took courses in nutrition and healthy cooking, ecological living, how to use herbs, wildcrafting food, vitamins and minerals, and traditional herbal medicine.

On a years sabbatical I travelled through out the Caribbean studying Traditional Herbal Medicine and Vegetarian Cooking. When I landed in Dominica I dreamed I would live here.

I returned to Canada to work in the Health Food Industry for over 15 years and attended a 2 year evening course on the basics of herbal medicine.

During this time; as I raised my family; I myself began to really see and experience the long term benefits of practicing yoga and living a healthy lifestyle.

My pregnancies and births were healthy and uncomplicated. My children were rarely sick; my headaches and mild stomach complaints had gone away and I was not troubled by RSI from working at a computer for long hours. I felt fit and healthy.

I decided to teach yoga and share those benefits I was experiencing.

I spent 2 years studying yoga (2 and 3 week yoga teacher programs did not exist then!) with Archa Mati of Sahaj Yoga Centre Toronto. Archa was a great teacher as she took her time in small classes to explain everything in detail; she too taught a wide range of styles and a variety of variations of each pose. Each pose was explained in simple layman’s terms from a physiological, medical and psychological point of view.

Training to be a yoga teacher over those 2 years was just amazing. It awakened my yoga practice; it was like a whole other dimension unfolded to enrich and deepen each yoga movement and concept. I began to research University studies on the benefits of yoga and was amazed to find that slowly but surely the benefits of practicing yoga I had read about were proving true under scientific scrutiny.

I returned to Dominica to live.

Over the years I have taught yoga to participants from the age of 2 to 98. I have taught people with missing limbs or in wheelchairs; people with scoliosis; lupus; chronic fatigue syndrome; those suffering from stress; back ache; headaches and a host of other physical and mental challenges. Yoga has never failed to offer some relief.

I have taught at 2 medical universites, high schools, primary schools, early education centres and drop ins for the elderly. Students generally find their memory retention and focus and concentration improve and problems with RSI are alleviated.

As an Early Childhood Educator at Pioneer Preparatory Private School yoga proved immensly helpful  as a classroom management technique.

Today I am living my dream!

I provide Yoga in Harmony with Nature experiences for people from all over the world through private classes, day tours and yoga retreats.

I provide yoga classes and promote healthy lifestyles at Ross Medical University; the best Medical University in the Caribbean.

I write and provide consultancy services on  Healthy Living; Yoga in Dominica; Vegetarian Lifestyles  and Holistic Education

I am blessed!



  1. Dear Trudy,

    Our brief aquaintance goes back many years. Sometime before the year 2000 my husband Jerry and me, Erzsebet from the British Virgin islands stayed in Dominica during an odd hurricane – going from west to east – that caused landslides that kept us from returning to our hotel from Roseau, where we had paid a visit to a lady, whose name I cannot recall, who you were working with at the time. We spent the night at her residence and the next day we gave you a ride to your house in the interior of the island.

    I am delighted to have found a contact for you, as we are coming to Dominica on 7 Jan. for a week and would like to meet up with you, if possible and maybe have a yoga class, too.

    My very best to you, Erzsebet (Elizabeth, I am Hungarian)

    • Hi You stayed by Susan Carter; clearly remember that night.

      317-4981 245-2474

      contact me; life is busy these days; hope we can hook up; where r u staying? Bless Trudy

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