Teacher Training

Register now for the next Rainbow Yoga Teacher Training Program starting September 2017!


Take this life changing journey with us!

Our trainees step out with the knowledge they need to feel confident they are ready to teach! We teach the skills required to find your own style and voice as a yoga teacher  or practitioner during this transformational experience!

We provide you with the skills needed to facilitate mindfulness; breathing; movement; nutrition; natural healing and conscious living programmes whether in classes, workshops or week long retreats.

Our goal is to …..

….. deliver an in depth yoga teacher training programme over a 2 year period providing participants with the skills and training needed to design appropriate yoga or health and wellness sessions for a wide range of clients.

….. enhance the Health and Wellness of Dominicans by training local yoga and health and wellness teachers who can then promote healthy lifestyles to the people, organizations and schools in their area.

….. improve the Health and Wellness Tourism Product Dominica can provide for visitors to the island through highly traned local yoga teachers who can address the needs of  a diverse international clientel.

….. provide opportunities for locals wishing to train in a  health and wellness/fitness field that has seen great growth the last few years without leaving the island.


Thank you for your interest in Rainbow Yoga Health and Wellness Teacher Training Programme.

Our programme is open to all students with a genuine interest in Yoga whether you want to deepen your practice or become an instructor.

Our intention is to provide access to the knowledge required for an in-depth study of The Science/Lifestyle of Yoga and the methodology behind The Teaching of Yoga with a strong Caribbean influence.

With this information our teachers will build the skills required to teach a healthy; well balanced yoga programme and share the life changing knowledge of the yoga lifestyle in the Caribbean.

We hope to encourage participants to draw on their own unique qualities to interpret the information covered and create their own style of Yoga.

It is a demanding program that incorporates a lot of reading; practice; study and student teaching.

Our classes are small. Our training is limited to 10-12 participants as opposed to industry standard of 25-35 or more. This is conducive to providing individualized attention and creating an intimate experience where trainers connect and become a community of Rainbow Yoga Teachers.

It is a 2 year programme in which the first year is a basic yoga teacher training after which students will be qualified to teach Beginners or Gentle Yoga classes.

Students practice yoga:

  • on their own.
  • with fellow students.
  • in group yoga classes.
  • in private or semi private sessions.

Students observe and evaluate yoga classes:

  • Rainbow Yoga Classes: group; private and semi private.
  • Other styles of yoga classes.

Students get hands on teaching experience:

  • as assistant teacher,
  • student teacher
  • lead teacher

In private sessions; semi-private sessions and group classes under the observation of the Master Teacher!

Classroom study includes:

Caribbean Conscious Lifestyles – Caribbean Appropriate Technologies; Caribbean Foods; Caribbean Herbs; Caribbean Plant Based Diets; Caribbean Sustainable Lifestyles

The Spectrum Of YogaThe Anatomy of Yoga; The Overview of Yoga; The Techniques of Yoga; The Styles of Yoga; The Mindful Movements and Postures of Yoga; The Mindful Breath Techniques of Yoga; The Mindful Breath Movements of Yoga; The Mindfulness Techniques of Yoga; The Mindful Lifestyle of Yoga

The Teaching of YogaThe Methodologies of Teaching Yoga; The Business of Teaching Yoga


Physical Anatomy, Physiology and Kineseology – how it relates to the practice of yoga.

During the second year our expertise is expanded in each of the topics above with a focus on different themes after which students will be qualified to teach Intermediate Yoga; Vinyasa Flow Yoga;  Children’s Yoga; Curriculum Based Children’s Yoga; Equipment Based Yoga; Chair Yoga; Wall Yoga; Therapeutic Yoga I; Therapeutic Yoga II and Yoga with Weights.

In the future we will be offering Continuing Education Trainings in

Partner Yoga; Pregnancy Yoga; Moms and Baby’s Yoga; Restorative Yoga

Contact us today for more information.

 Before you apply for this training programme stop for a few minutes and consider that the following are required:



  • Completed Registration Form
  • Letter of Introduction
  • 2 Letters of Reference
  • Personal Practice Autobiography
  • Resume



  • Completed Medical History Form
  • Completed Release and Liability Forms
  • An interview with Director of Rainbow Yoga.
  • Personal Contractual Commitment to the entire program of 1 year.


500 hour:

Full attendance and participation in the 1 year program.

1000 hour:

Full attendance and participation in the 2 year program.

Demonstrate knowledge of material covered at the end of every semester and year.


The student will:

  • apply the Yoga principles of kindness, peacefulness, mindful living, mind, body, breath connection, core stability, deep breathing and alignment to their teaching, practice and daily life.
  • understand, perform and teach a wide range of Yoga Techniques and Postures including variations and modifications for specific body types and goals.
  • have the practical and scientific knowledge to be able to promote healthy lifestyles.
  • have the practical knowledge of how the body is used and affected during Yoga, and how to properly initiate each movement.
  • know the good practice qualities of an effective yoga teacher.


Yearly Tuition Includes:

  • 160 hours over 10 weekends of classroom instruction from master teacher/s.
  • 30 hours over 10 weekends of class practice with Rainbow Yoga Certified Teacher
  • 15 hours over 10 weekends of observation of Rainbow Yoga Classes
  • Unlimited hours over 10 months of class practice with Rainbow Yoga Certified Teacher
  •  30 hours over 5 months of teaching practice supported by Rainbow Yoga Certified Teacher
  • Use of studio/s and equipment at Rainbow Yoga Centre/s for practice teaching.
  • Training manuals as word files
  • Apprenticeship and help with karma yoga project

Tuition does not include:

  • Hard Copy Teacher Training Manuals
  • Textbooks
  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Beverages or Meals other than Weekend Sessions


  • The first 10 to 12 applicants that qualify for each programme are accepted.
  • Some scholarship and work-trade available on a first come basis.
  • We only accept checks or cash.
  • We provide a payment plan when needed.
  • Full deposit payment of $500 is needed to secure your placement.


Required Manuals

Rainbow Health and Wellness will provide word document versions of manual.

Print Version avaialble by order or you can print your own for free

  • Rainbow Yoga Health and Wellness Teacher Training Manual YEAR 1; $50 US
  • Rainbow Yoga Health and Wellness Teacher Training Manual YEAR 2; $50 US


Required Books

 All books can be purchased online or directly from the Rainbow Health and Wellness Website. (not yet set up)

  • Light On Yoga by BKS Iyengar,
  • The Colouring Book of Anatomy by
  • Yoga Anatomy by Leslie Kaminoff

There is a wide range of yoga books available to borrow from the Rainbow Yoga Health and Wellness Library. Rainbow Yoga Teacher Training strongly promotes the study of many yoga teachers and many yoga styles to develop your own.


Year One and Two: There will be 10 weekend gatherings each year one each month.

Each weekend will be the culmination of the past months curriculum and an introduction to the following months curriculum.

Saturdays: 8:00 am to 5:30 pm – 9 hrs
Sundays: 8:00 am to 5:30 pm – 9 hrs


Primary Teacher: Trudy Scott Prevost; The Director of Teacher Training for Rainbow Yoga has 40 years personal practice; 20 years of teaching experience including over 10 years for Ross Medical University

Anatomy Teacher: Arianne Certified Physiotherapist trained in Germany and practicing in both Germany and Dominica. She has years of experience in treating a wide range of issues. She is also certified in Water Massage.

Other Teachers: to be announced

It is not recommended or desired that you anticipate missing any weekends.

In the case of emergency only, making up the weekend at some other time will require extra time, money and sometimes travel. You will need to pay the regular weekend fee and then depending on what is taught that weekend, you will have to pay in addition, the private hourly rate from the teachers who taught that weekend. On the average you will need a 4-8 hour makeup class consisting of private instruction for a weekend missed, costing average $50-75 an hour, (this is in addition to the $200). We are unable to offer this option outside of Dominica.

If you miss more than one weekend we encourage you to drop out of the program and re-enroll in another future program.


  • applicants are chosen on a first come basis, with the following qualifications being met
  • a minimum of one year practice in any style of Hatha Yoga.


At this point we do not have any full scholarships available; we will offer partial scholarships based on work trade.

From your $500 deposit, $150 is non refundable, nontransferable.

After the program begins, any unused amount will be refunded, with a $150 penalty.


Already a Rainbow Yoga Teacher Training graduate, but wanting to refresh or continue your education? Discounts available.

Each year thereafter we will hold a weekend reunion to refresh and renew our teaching skills and share our teaching experiences.


Rainbow Yoga will also hold at least one weekend retreat Teacher Training Programme to add to our skills each year; Chakra Yoga; Classroom Yoga; Mindfulness Based Stress Management there is much to still learn ……

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Trudy Scott Prevost


Rainbow Yoga Health and Wellness

The very 1st Rainbow Yoga Teacher Training Programme  will start September 2012.

That program is full.

Contact us to apply for our next programme.


Rainbow Yoga Teacher Training Year 1

Rainbow Yoga Teacher Training Year 2



  1. Hi there!
    What is your opinion on letting teachers from abroad come teach? I’m from Canada and am visit Dominica for a month.. I would love to teach the community on a volunteer basis!


    • call me – 245-2474 – this phone has troubles – will be fixed within a few days or
      317-4981 – email a bio – rainbowyoga@yahoo.com

  2. Hi! I was wondering if your teaching program is still underway. Im currently working on my Doctor of Naturopathy degree and thought how wonderful to add a bit of yoga instruction. Any information would be wonderful.

    • Hi Ashima; sorry it took so long to answer. There is a big demand for yoga here these days. So I am starting another teacher training this September. At this point the trainings are to develop teachers for Rainbow Yoga Health and Wellness as we are struggling to meet the demand. By perhaps 2016 we will be ready to open the training to others. Will you be returning to Dominica to practice? My training is no 2 week quickie it is actually 1 year for the first level and a second year for the specialties. Please keep in touch. Have you practiced yoga before? I teach at Ross Medical University and the science of yoga is amazing. Scoliosis and Osteoporosis have been reversed in preliminary studies; Dr. Dean Ornish has reversed heart disease with a yoga lifestyle and is covered by insurance now! It is the dawning of a new age for yoga. Contact me the next time you are on island I would love to reason. Trudy

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