Retreat Planning

Would you like to bring a group to Dominica for a Holistic Retreat on an exotic island that will enable your clients to return home refreshed and rejeuvenated rather than exhausted and depleted?

Where they will feel touched by the real Dominica having dived into the cuisine, culture and nature.

We can help you!

Have you always dreamed of taking a group of clients to a far off Caribbean Island to heal and rejeuvenate in a healthy way?

If your dream includes

Yoga in Harmony with Nature

Eco Accommodation

DSCF2022 (2)

Nature Experiences

Hiking Adventures

Organic Garden/Farm Tours

Healthy Local Foods

Herbal Workshops

Meditations on the beauty of Mother Earth

Qualified Therapists

 Certified Tour Guides.

Cultural Performances

We can assist you to achieve your dream with the least hassle!

We have been practicing and teaching yoga here for over 20 years and our specialty is Yoga in Nature!

We live the yoga rasta lifestyle on island and know the foods; the bush teas and the culture.



  1. Hi. I’m currently on Dominica for holiday. Ill be coming to stay at Picard from Dec 27th- jan 5th-ish. I was wondering g what your yoga classes are around that time?


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