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Recycle Your Yoga Mat

Is your yoga mat worn out?

Don’t throw it away – recycle it!

People have thought up a multitude of ways to recycle an old yoga mat even though The History of Yoga Mats is short ….

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The Home

Jar Opening Pads – cut old yoga mat into squares slightly larger than jar lids and use to grip when opening jars.

Floor Protectors – cut the yoga mat into small pads that fit under the foot of furniture legs. Glue on and put an end to scratching floors.

Rug Gripper — place your old mat under an area rug for no-slip gripping. The floors are protected from the dirt and dust that falls through the rug.

Drawer/Shelf Liners – cut the mat to fit and line drawers or shelves to prevent slippage and breakage.

Step Treads – cut the mat into rectangles slightly smaller than the size of the step — glue on for a permanent solution or let the mat’s inherent stickiness hold it in place for easy removal. You can use these on outside or inside stairs.

Baby Bath Mat – cut an old yoga mat to appropriate size and use on the bottom of the sink or tub to prevent slippage or use for water resistant padding when drying and dressing the baby.

Packing Mats – use old yoga mats to protect glassware and furniture while moving or shipping.  Cut into the appropriate sizes, or use whole.

Coasters – cut rounds or squares for coasters. You can also glue laminated pictures on top for prettier coasters.

Hot Pads –  cut pieces of old yoga mat and glue to the bottom of beautiful ceramic tiles to make hot pads that protect tables and prevent sliding.

Entrance Mats – Cut to fit closet floors or place in foyers as a place for muddy shoes.

Dried Flowers Support – cut into pieces for holding artificial or dried flowers in place in vases.

Flower Pot Drainage – Cut into strips and use for drainage in flower pots.

Flower Pot Mats – cut into a slightly larger shape then the saucer of the flower pot. Place under the saucer to protect surface from rust or stains and rugs from compression.

Draft Protectors – cut and roll old yoga mats to plug up drafty places and save energy — windows, doors, under window air conditioners.

Home Equipment Mats – cut the old yoga mat and place under the washing machine, freezer; refrigerator or other equipment to protect floors.

Bedside Mat – lay an old yoga mat next to beds so the weak and infirm don’t slip while getting in and out of bed.

The Pets

Pet Carrier Pad – cut the old yoga mat to line the carrying crate to prevent sliding, provide non slip footing, improve padding and make clean up easier.

Food Dish Pad –  – cut the old yoga mat to fit under the pet’s food and water dishes to make cleanup easier and prevent the dishes from sliding around.

Kitty Litter Box Mat – place the kitty litter box on top of a yoga mat cut to be wider and longer then the box to capture any misses and clean their paws as they exit.

Travel Mat – use an old yoga mat on the car seat when travelling with a pet to protect the seats and give them more traction.

Sleeping Mat – a folded yoga mat is a great sleeping mat for dogs or cats. Easy to travel with.

The Campsite

Sleeping Mat – place an old yoga mat under the sleeping bag or sheets for extra padding when sleeping on the ground. It can double as your practice mat.

Door Mat – lay yoga mat/s just outside the entrance of the tent. It provides a clean padded surface to kneel down on when entering and exiting the tent as well as preventing dirt from entering the tent.

The Playground

Floppy Frisbee – cut circles out and make Floppy Frisbees.

Jungle Gym Padding – shred old yoga mats and use for  jungle gym under the equipment or at the end of the slide for softer landings!

Sports Bases – cut old yoga mats to make bases for baseball or rounders. Easy to carry. put away and clean!

The School/ Home School

Masks – cut into appropriate shape then cut eye holes; decorate; punch holes on each side and attach elastic to create masks.

Costumes – cut old yoga mats for a unique cloth to make into hats and costumes.

Water Toys –  cut into shapes and letters for tub and pool toys.

Shapes Decorations/Mobile – use cookie cutters or scissors to cut old yoga mats into shapes – punch a hole in the top and hang or attach to mobile.

Snowflake Decorations/Mobile – cut old yoga mat into a square then fold and cut it into snowflake ornaments – punch a hole in the top and hang or attach to mobile.

Arts and Craft Pad – make crafting mats for painting; pay dough or science experiments to assist with cleanup and prevent slippage and spills!

Stamps – cut old yoga mats into shapes and use as stamps with non-toxic paint. Glue a couple of layers together to make the stamp thicker and easier to handle.

Decorations – trace and cut out patterns from the unworn areas and make decorations

Educational Equipment – use an exacto-knife to cut out shapes, letters, numbers, etc. Perfect for little fingers.

Sitting Mats – cut old mats to sun; moon; star; square shapes just the right size for your students to sit on.

Circle Time/Assembly Mats – Cut old Yoga mats into appropriate size to provide a personal space for the student to remain in yet take up as little space as possible. These are much easier for students to carry and put away then chairs.

The Car/Truck

Dashboard Protector – Use an old yoga mat to protect your car from sun by laying it over the window or the dashboard and steering wheel.

Picnic Mat – keeping an old yoga mat inn the car is great for those spur of the moment picnics,

Truck Back Mat – use an old mat on the floor of the truck back to protect paint. prevent scratches and slippage.

Trunk Mat – cover the floor of the trunk with yoga mats to keep groceries from sliding around in the trunk.

Beach Mat – keep an old yoga mat in the car to use on the beach instead of a towel.

Roof Protector – before putting a rack on the car, cut an old yoga mat down, so that it ends up being under the rack to protect the car roof

Moving Pad – put an old yoga mat between what you carry and the roof of the car  to protect both from abrasion.

Event/Bleecher Mat – use an old yoga mat to protect clothes and provide padding when sitting on the ground or on benches. Provides better protection from wet surfaces than a blanket.

Mechanics Mat – lay an old yoga mat down over the wet, muddy, snowy, dusty, yucky, cold ground or concrete to make work more comfortable. Hose it off afterward to keep it clean.

Sit Upons – cut the mat into equal pieces to make one top and bottom (the size of a newspaper laid flat). Next, punch holes about every 2 inches all the way around (both top and bottom). Then, take a couple of days worth of newspapers and lay them between the top and bottom. Use yarn, ribbon, rawhide, etc. to lace the holes and tie off. To re-stuff, untie and add new newspaper.

The Garden

Knee Pad – use a folded yoga mat as a knee pad.

Weed Killer -lay an old mat over a section of garden and let the mat and the sun’s heat smother the growth of weeds and their seeds. Just remove the mat to another spot in the garden when you are ready to plant.

The Yoga Studio

Yoga Pads – cut the old mats into “baby yoga mats” and use under hands and knees to protect from  hard floor.

Knee Savers – cut an old mat into rectangles, roll tightly, and tape to stay closed. I call them knee-savers, for those in yoga class whose knees are tight – put it behind the knee, then bend the knee to hold in place. It helps the knee open gently.

The Office

Mouse Pads – cut old yoga mats to make mouse pads.

The Workshop/Garage

Workbench Pad – cut the old yoga mat to fit the workbench to prevent slippage and protect surfaces.

Corner/ Sharp Edge Padding – use old yoga mats to cover sharp corners like in a parking garage or school.

Wall Protectors – grommet the corners and suspend the old yoga mat from the ceiling of a garage or workshop to lower noise levels and protect walls.

Sound Proofing – tack old yoga mats against walls for an interesting aesthetic effect while also providing sound-proofing. It can also be tacked to the back of an upright piano for the same purposes.


homeless shelters

animal  rescue shelter


nursing homes

primary schools

Wash the Mat Mats recycled in this way are easy to clean. They can be wiped; thrown in with a load of wash on cold temperatures; hosed down; moped with a clean mop or when really dirty scrubbed with a brush.

Most things made from recycled yoga mats are easy  to store, lightweight, washable, reusable, and provide padding.

 I am sure there is a myriad of other uses limited only by our imaginations! I will add your tip if you send it in! 🙂
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Practice without a Yoga Mat

Kneeling Twist

If you have been practicing yoga for almost 50 years like me you remember yoga before yoga mats! The History of Yoga Mats is fascinating but I believe it is important for us to keep in mind our practice was different without mats.

I propose practicing without a mat occasionally to add an interesting slant to your practice and to build functional fitness.

Many postures when practiced without a mat require more strength and mindfulness because without some degree of instability in the practice surface, the tendency is to wedge oneself into postures.

The result is less engagement in the knees, hips, elbows, and shoulders because the mat sticks us in place actually causing an imbalance in the strength and flexibility required in practicing the pose and resulting in wear and tear in the joints.

Looking at Extended Triangle Pose as an example. With a yoga mat the front foot is stuck in position. This tends to make us release our weight straight down into that front leg rather than pulling up and back with the muscles of the leg. Practice Triangle Pose on a blanket and we must engage the front and back leg to prevent the front foot from slipping.

Looking at Down Dog Pose as another example. With a sticky mat we tend to hang out in the hands and feet – we need to make an effort to draw the hands and feet towards each other creating an isometric contraction and balancing the strengthening and stretching effects of the position.

During Balance Poses the mat provides a more stable less shifting surface therefore the muscles holding the pose need to be less active and we sink into the knees more.

This awareness of what the yoga mat is doing is not about using mats or not using mats.It helps us to improve our practice on and off the mat and hopefully encourages us to practice without a mat once in a while!

Remember – Wash your mat and when it wears out there are a multitude of ways to Recycle your mat!

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Summer Specials Island Wide

Weekly Classes

Fort Young Hotel Roseau; Harlem Plaza New Town/Roseau; Papillote Rainforest Retreat Trafalgar; Rainbow Restaurant Calibishi

International Pricing $10 US – one class; $15 US – two classes

Local and CARICOM $10 XCD; each location has a rate for the month of August

We provide mats and straps.

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Yoga for Rounded Bodies

” If you are in a larger body and you want to start practicing yoga the first thing you need to do is stop thinking about your body size – immediately. Just disregard it; it doesn’t matter. There may be points in your life where it matters what size you are; you know; if you are trying to buy pants at the gap or you’re to like trying to jump out of an airplane there is a weight limit – this is not one of those times. So be comfortable with the fact that as you are showing up on your mat you are perfect already.” ~ Jessamyn Stanley; Yoga Teacher; Writer; Body Positive Activist


“Yoga helped me accept the way my body is” ~ Jessamyn Stanley; Yoga Teacher; Writer; Body Positive Activist This woman teaches advanced format vinyasa flow yoga!


I am so happy to see people of all body shapes and ages embracing yoga in the media. I have had the privilege of working with people of all body sizes in my teaching practice.

So many people tell me yoga is for thin people or yoga is for small people. Like this teacher says in another video if you study the leading Yoga Media sites and magazines all you see is white slim women in extremely strong poses.

I never used to see articles about African Yoga; photos of people of all ages; cultures and body types practicing yoga – but that is changing. Oh joy!

This woman is extremely wise in her approach. How can a larger bodied person start yoga?


She has a good Beginner’s Yoga class on youtube.



Here is her Beginner Intermediate Class


You can support her by purchasing her online classes


Raspect  Jessamyn Stanley!

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YouTube Yoga for Children

A lot of my followers and students have been asking about Yoga for Children links. Every week this summer I will be posting links to my favorite yoga videos for primary school children.

If your child does not like the first one you show them try another one because like adults – children relate to different styles of yoga differently.

This week we feature:

Norris the Baby Seahorse

A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure

I have been following these videos for years; she was one of the first yoga teachers telling stories with yoga online.

All the stories I have watched are positive uplifting themes; no hidden marketing; no violence. I love the Social Skills in line with the Yoga Lifestyle she blends into the stories.



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Summer 2016

18894_1119158214766051_3937253603860798807_nYes there will still be yoga sessions all summer long!

Summer Special

July and August only

$10 EC per class – ECCE CARICOM price

$10 US a class – international price

Stay tuned for a few special events.


Tuesdays 8:30 am – Eclectic Yoga


Mondays and Wednesdays 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm – Eclectic Yoga


Fridays 5:00 pm – Eclectic Yoga


Wednesdays 9:00 am to 10:30 pm – Eclectic Yoga

You can also always book your own private yoga session – special Staycation prices! This is an experience everyone should have at least once – A Private Yoga Session designed with your history and needs in mind!


Have a happy and healthy summer!


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Body and Soul – an Introduction to Ayurveda

“Thank-you Trudy Scott Prevost for being the yoga consultant for “Body & Soul”..for sharing your wisdom, knowledge and insights!” Jessica Canham; Link International


It was a privilege to be a small part of the effort that went into Body and Soul – an Introduction to Ayurveda as a Consultant on the Science of Yoga

I love the science of yoga. I love working as a Writer and Yoga Consultant especially with regards to The Science of Yoga   ….. studies have shown yoga may prevent; alleviate or reverse some diseases.

I love promoting The Lifestyle of Yoga   …..  all the aspects: the food; the breathing; the mindfulness; the movements; the postures

I love promoting Caribbean Health and Wellness as I am lucky and blessed to live in Dominica.

I love the fact that I have been around long enough that I can observe that what I learned in my yoga teacher training is now being scientifically proven.

I love working with Jessica and Tim at  Link International  I love the work this company does; their efforts to capture the energy of the moment and the joy of living.

Their promotion of Dominica as an Active Health and Wellness Destination and the culture of the Caribbean.

Their video for Dominica Spa and Wellness Association was exactly what we needed.

In their new TV Series which I had the privilege of acting as a Consultant on the Science of Yoga they introduce viewers to the basic aspects of Ayurveda, with a focus on six styles of yoga, “dosha” body types, and therapeutic massage, all set in the lush, tropic oasis of the Bodyholiday Wellness Centre and Spa in St. Lucia.

I learned of Body Holiday through their work – someday I will visit there.

Check out the TV Series here

Body and Soul – an Introduction to Ayurveda


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Wash the Yoga Mat

Corporate Yoga Session for Archipelago Trading by Rainbow Yoga

If you practice yoga in a gym or studio make sure to ask the owner or teacher what their policy is for washing the mats.

I suggest you inquire into the process as I have had teachers tell me the mats were ‘clean’ but later found out they had been used for weeks without washing or wiping.

At Rainbow Yoga we strive to wash the mats after every single use; it is one of the services we provide as mindful professionals.

This improves the esthetics of our classes as dirty stained mats are unsightly and can be uncomfortably smelly when we have to breathe deeply down close to the floor.

Policies are changing but over my years of practicing yoga I have been aghast at how laisse faire some yoga teachers are about the mats they provide.

I myself when I started teaching yoga did not even think about unrolling mats for my students that had been used by others; in some cases many others.

As my mindfulness moved into my Business Management I realized I had to change my patterns and wash all yoga mats after every use.

The best way to ensure the yoga mat you are using is clean is to buy your own or always bring a cloth or towel to have under you.

Just thinking about the diseases that can be passed on blows me away: Athlete’s Foot; Nail Fungus; Ring Worm; Head Lice; Scabies; Pin Worms ……

You can wash mats in the washing machine – if you have not allowed them to get too dirty this will keep them clean and actually enhance the stickiness of the mat. (I always wash new yoga mats as certain types are slippery when new) Note: hot water can be damaging to some mats.

I actually scrub mats with a brush when they get really dirty – I have returned dirty stained mats to a new quality with a brush.

At the very least I wipe the yoga mat after each use with a mixture of vinegar; water; liquid soap with tea tree and bay oil to kill germs and fungus.

Enjoy your yoga! Be mindful! Clean your mat!Papilotte group Grasshopper
Rainbow Yoga in a Garden

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New Schedule February 2016

Join us at Harlem Plaza or Papilotte for an hour and a half of yoga – you will leave the class glad that you came. The benefits of yoga are many and scientifically proven now. There are hidden benefits to yoga too. First class free – tell the teacher you saw this ad – find out for yourself.


Oct 18



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New Schedule Roseau Area November 2015

November 2015

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