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Science Based Yoga Sessions provided by Rainbow Yoga Health and Wellness

Improve Cognitive Performance

New research by biomedical engineers at the University of Minnesota shows that people who practice yoga and meditation long term can learn to control a computer with their minds faster and better than people with little or no yoga or meditation experience.

Improve Memory

The results from a study published by the Dept of Kinesiology and Community Health, University of Illinois show that cognitive performance after yoga exercise was significantly superior (ie, shorter reaction times, increased accuracy) as compared with the aerobic and baseline conditions for both inhibition and working memory tasks.

All yoga sessions provided free of charge by Campus Life for all members of the Ross University Community.

This is so beautiful Trudy! I miss your classes and Dominica so much! I will return someday!”

March 2011 664


Lower Seaside Deck


3rd Floor Campus Life Building

  ross email final

FIRST CLASS: TUESDAY January 10 2017




4:00 – 5:00 pm – Beginners

5:00 – 6:00 pm – Intermediate

6:00 – 7:00 pm – Cardio Vinyasa Flow



9:00 – 10:30 am – Beginners

10:30 – 12 noon – Intermediate

12 – 1:30 pm – Cardio Vinyasa Flow

the sky

 Practice mindfulness; release tightness and tension in the body; promote functional fitness; lower stress levels and enhance brain performance.

Join us on Facebook for the latest updates. 


Yoga Teacher:- Trudy Scott Prevost of Rainbow Yoga Health and Wellness


We would like to thank Ross University School of Medicine Campus Life for their ongoing support for these programs for over 10 years now.

 Wear comfortable clothing; bring water and a cloth or towel or personal yoga mat to lie on.

Ross University provides yoga mats.

Please turn off your phone and take this time for yourself without any interruptions.


Just wanted to let you know , i have attended many yoga classes but in your class i get to learn true yoga !!!”

“It was like you designed that class class just for me; my achy back and shoulders were a lot better.”

Without Yoga on Ross Campus, I have no doubt in my mind that I would have survived the rigors of medical school.  I even did some alternative nostril breathing during a final, which may have looked utterly ridiculous, but centered me, more than the other students; I had an hour left with 2 blocks left, leaving plenty of time to ace them.”

“A must do if you are looking to improve your overall physical and mental well being. Cheers!!!”

Wish I could have made the last class today! Absolutely love your yoga class and am looking forward to it next semester!”

I am currently a 4th semester student and I have been doing yoga since first. It has been such a great help for especially in this stressful environment. I attend the 6-7pm cardio classes and it’s an amazing way to wind down after a busy day. Beautiful sunset, the sound of waves and the breeze bring me such calmness. It really is priceless,it’s a treat for me and I will miss it. Thank you ”

Hope you are doing well! I just wanted to send you a follow up email on yoga and my experience in your classes. For starters, prior to joining your class I had never taken a yoga class. I decided to join when I was having bad anxiety issues, and my mom suggested this may be a good alternative to reducing them while not taking medication. Throughout the months I began to notice a calmness within myself, and now, after about 4-5 months of yoga, I rarely have the breathing issues I was experiencing before. Additionally, the classes were a great stress reliever. After class I always felt much more relaxed and had more of a drive to tackle my studies. I also felt the classes were well designed for any level. At the begining when I knew nothing of yoga, I felt like everything was explained very well so I was able to grasp it, and as time progressed, I felt like classes were still very engaging. Overall, i really enjoyed the classes and plan on continuing practicing yoga!”

 “One of the few things that have kept me balanced … my hiking and running and yoga and gym .. ok so more than a couple of things haha !”

 ” I took your advanced yoga first semester and it was great!  Unfortunately, I gave it up due to “study time.”  That was a big mistake. I’m tired, have low energy, and I’m stressed out. I feel exactly the opposite of the way I felt first semester, and all I did differently then was take yoga twice a week with you.”

 “Thank you Trudy, your dedication and positivity to our yoga practice here at Ross has and still truly is a Blessing 🙂 !!!!”



  1. Hello!

    I am relocating to Dominica in 3 weeks. I am interested in joining your yoga classes. I will also be looking for employment. Any help or advice you can offer me would be very appreciated!


    Tarah Gee

    • Where will you be located? Are you part of the Ross community? What work are you looking for? Blessings! Trudy

      • My dad works for Ross so I will be in Portsmouth. I’m looking for pretty much anything at this time. I have a bachelor’s and a master’s degree but don’t necessarily need a full time job while I’m in Dominica. Just something to keep me busy. I am looking forward to attending your classes. Currently, I’m in Costa Rica studying spanish and yoga. I’m flying to Dominica on April 4th. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Are there any yoga teacher certifications available in Dominica?

  2. Is there a cost to your classes? Where do you get the yoga mats from?

    • Ross University provides classes to the Ross Community and mats. There is no charge but you might want to bring a cloth or towel to lie on.

  3. Hi,

    I will be moving to Dominica for 6 months. I am not associated with Ross Community(Im a law student) but wanted to join your sessions at Ross as my home base is near Portsmouth. Can I join, if so then how? Thanks

    • Thanks for your inquiry. Only those with Ross ID can attend the classes at Ross; I do have a class every Tuesday morning at Purple Turtle Beach 10 am. Join Rainbow Yoga at Purple Turtle Beach on Facebook for the latest updates as I hope to add more to the schedule there. Blessings! Trudy

  4. Hello Trudy:
    As a student, I enjoyed your classes from First Semester until my last semester on the island! I’m returning as a Junior Faculty member this year! I hope you still hold classes–please let me know of days and times.

    • Hi; Thank you so much for the kind comments. Yes we still have classes. We start back Saturday May 10! Join us on Facebook for the latest schedule updates and studies on yoga: Campus Life Yoga at Ross University School of Medicine.

      Classes are Mondays and Wednesdays 4 pm – beginners; 5 pm – intermediate; 6 pm – cardio vinyasa flow and Saturdays 9 am – beginners; 10:30 – intermediate; 12 noon – cardio vinyasa flow. See you there!


  5. I will be visiting my daughter at Ross in the late spring. Would it be possible to attend your classes if I have a guest pass?

    • Hi
      yes you will be able to get a class pass and you can attend any classes on Ross campus free. Hope you enjoy. Trudy

  6. HI Trudy,

    I will be relocating to Dominica in late June…staying in Rosseau and wondering where I can practice? Also wondering if I can buy a mat or should pack mine? Alos, can I take Saturday classes at Ross with you? or do I have to be a student ?


    • Hi; answered some questions by email. You can bring your mat or buy one here – we don’t have a lot of options but some stores do sell them. Rainbow Yoga also provides mats for their classes. Talk soon. Trudy

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