Class Descriptions

Rainbow Yoga Core Belief: Go only as far as feels good and you will – with regular practice – go further.

Participant Responsibility: Look within; go slow; never feel shooting pain; practice in a body honest non competitive manner – you are responsible for your body! Tell the teacher in advance if you are dealing with any kind of physical or mental challenge.

We encourage the mind body breath connection and feeling the pose with the mind’s eye – from within the body as well as a whole.

We believe that feeling the pose from within and making adjustments utilizing the verbal, visual and kinesthetic guidance of the teacher enables each participant to learn how to correct their alignment in tune to their body through inward observation of their body. This allows each participant to know how to tune themselves from within and create their own yoga.

We feel alignment and positioning are important; but that they will come over time with regular practice. Never consider the pose you are practicing to be less valuable when the body does not quite make it to perfect positioning.

We are absolutely positive that everyone can do yoga; irregardless of age or level of fitness; sex or size of body; you just need a Rainbow Yoga Teacher and perhaps a Private Yoga Class.


In keeping with the concept the yoga pre-dates any organized religion of today – our classes are non denominational.

We seek to provide yoga for all levels of income with our Egalitarian Economic Policy.

All classes provide The Benefits of Yoga and with regular practice you will find The Hidden Benefits of Yoga.


Just Starting? We suggest those wishing a more gentle workout try Gentle Beginner. We suggest those who wish a little stronger workout try Irie Beginner; Roots Yoga; or Basic Beginner.

Experienced? We suggest those wishing to take their practice beyond a Beginner level both physically and mentally try Intermediate Yoga; Eclectic Yoga or Cardio Vinyasa Yoga.

Like to sweat? We suggest you try Cardio Vinyasa Yoga.

Looking for a Gentle Massage? We suggest those wishing to gently massage their body try Gentle Beginneror Basic Beginner.

Like Hatha Yoga; African Yoga; Yin Yoga; Anusara Yoga; Kripalu Yoga …..? We suggest you try Gentle Beginner; Irie Beginner; Basic Beginner; or Roots Beginner Yoga

Like Ashtanga Yoga; Hot Yoga; Vinyasa Yoga; Power Yoga …..? We suggest you try Cardio Vinyasa Yoga


Every class we offer includes: mindfulness techniques; deep breathing techniques; a time for warming up and cooling down; a flow or series of exercises focusing on strengthening, lengthening and releasing the entire body and a closing meditation.


Gentle Beginner Yoga: a gentle workout. We take an in depth look at a variety of beginner yoga positions offering pre beginner variations. The focus is on introducing those just starting their yoga journey to the basics of yoga in a gentle way.  (Available as weekly and private classes)

Beginner Yoga: a good workout have a focus on basic yoga knowledge and poses as well as increasing fitness levels. Lots of variations demonstrated to enable those of many levels of fitness to enjoy. (Available as weekly and private classes) (Available as weekly and private classes)

Family Yoga: This is an adult oriented Beginner Yoga Class where children are free to join or play quietly in the area. At this time is no childcare so parents are responsible for supervision of their children. (Available as weekly classes)


Eclectic Yoga: Like an ever changing mix of styles, poses, flows and teachers? This is a fairly vigorous class with traditional hatha yoga, restorative yoga, and short cardio yoga flows.  Classes include: opening guided relaxation; deep breathing techniques; warm up; deep breathing techniques; a flow of exercises focusing on strengthening, increasing flexibility, working the every area of the body; cool down; closing guided relaxation. (Available as weekly and private classes)


Cardio Vinyasa Flow Yoga: Like to sweat? This dynamic and invigorating yoga class starts out and closes with mindfulness techniques. During the body of the class we build a non stop cardio flow of yoga poses. This is a unique style of vinyasa flow class – as it is built by adding one pose at a time; until we have a tai chi or dance like flow of poses in tune with the breath. There is a focus on increasing the challenge and building on our yoga knowledge. The participant becomes more and more engaged as we add more and more poses to the “flow”. As we repeat the poses in the flow the participant has a chance to explore the poses in depth. This class is offered for those wishing a cardio experience and stronger exercise variations. (Available as weekly and private classes)

Intermediate Hatha Yoga: Traditional yoga class with a focus on providing a stronger workout for those who already know the basics of yoga. Classes include: opening guided relaxation; deep breathing techniques; warm up; flow of exercises focusing on strengthening, increasing flexibility, working every area of the body and the therapeutic value of exercises; cool down; closing guided relaxation. Poses practiced may include arm balances, head stands, shoulder stands, plows, planks, etc. Focus on mind body breath connection, science of yoga and functional fitness.  (Available as weekly and private classes)



Yoga for Stress Management: Traditional Hatha Yoga Class with a focus on manging stress through gently exercising and stretching the body; deep breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. These classes highlight the latest scientifically proven methos for releasing stress. (Available as private classes)

Therapeutic Yoga – for healing and regaining strength after injury, operations or during other physical or mental challenges of life.  Extensive use of props and recovery yoga poses. Teacher has 10 years experience in utilizing yoga therapeutically.   (Available as  private classes)

Restorative Yoga for relaxation and releasing stress. We utilize pillows and other props. These classes are gentle, slow with lots of relaxing into poses. Our goal is to restore harmony in the body and mind. These classes are great for stress managment, those wishing to get pregnant, those travelling through the grieving process and all those who wish to relax and release. (Available as  private classes)

Pregnancy Yoga – for women who: wish to get pregnant, are pregnant or have recently given birth. Studies show yoga can make labour, birthing and recovery much easier. Teacher has 25 years of experience in utilizing yoga for pregnancy, birth and recovery. We share tips and hints for a healthy pregnancy year as well as provide documentation on yoga and pregnancy.(Available as  private classes)

Children’s Yoga for children and parents. Fun, action filled classes incorporating educational concepts and children friendly themes. This is a nice way to spend quality time with your children and get fit at the same time! All ages all levels of fitness can be addressed! It is truly a form of therapy to practice yoga together as a family. Your children will carry techniques and exercises they learn into daily adult life; enhancing the physical and mental health and wellness. (Available as  private classes)

Yoga for You – for those looking to experience a yoga class designed specifiically for their bodies and levels of fitness. All physical and mental challenges as well as most fitness goals can be addressed! There are times when this is the very best way to get into or back into regular yoga practice.(Available as  private classes)

Introduction to Yoga – For those who are new to yoga or who wish to refresh their basic yoga knowledge. We look at deep breathing; basic beginner positions; relaxation techniques and yoga ways of practice. Our goal: to enable participants to comfortably join our regular classes.  (Available as  private classes)

Yoga at the Desk – Learn ways to prevent and alleviate repetitive stress injuries by exercising right at your desk. We exercise on the chair; using the chair and using the desk. To promote regular practice we provide exercise sheets so you can take them home.  (Available as  private classes or workshops)

Yoga for PartnersOur partner yoga class is a great way to personally connect and come to know your friend or partner in a different light. We learn to support each other practicing the Partner Tree or the Partner One Legged Plank. We learn balance and strengthen our bodies by lifting each other in flying yoga poses. We assist each other into restorative poses with gentle pressure and massage. We become one as we breathe deeply together.  (Available as  private classes)

Warning: Menstruation, pregnancy, high blood pressure and injuries to the knees, spine, shoulders, and neck are all conditions where certain postures may be contraindicated. If you have any medical condition: 1. check with your health care professional before starting a yoga practice. 2. ensure the teacher is informed in advance either by phone, email or before the class so we can discuss our best options; as some of the classes we offer may not be suitable for some conditions. private classes are always an available option.



  1. Hi Trudi,
    Greetings from Barbados. Just wanted to let you know that I will be relocating back to DA over summer 2010 and plan to include regular yoga classes in this new chapter of my life. Looking forward to re-connecting and to enjoying your “yoga in the nature isle experiences”… and of-course to sharing them with our visitors/clients in our properties located north, south and centre of the island.
    Talk to you soon… Blessings to you and the family.
    One Love

    • HI Yvonne;

      How nice to know you are returning. What fun to look forward to practicing yoga together! I would love to discuss working together! Congratulations on your mother’s tourism award; a reflection of the quality product you have offered at Anchorage and Picard Beach Cottages and Hotel over the years. My children came back a few weeks ago and they actually saw your son somewhere. Isn’t it a lovely small/big world! Respect! Trudy

  2. Looking for pregnancy yoga program.
    I’m 6 month pregnant abd would like to be ready for birth.

    Eard from you from so many French people on the island.
    I leave in Shawford (trafalgar).

    Thanks for telling How, When and where we can meet.


    616 73 72

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