Posted by: Trudy Prevost | April 30, 2017

The Cultural Diversity of Yoga

“Yoga has evolved in 1000’s of ways through 1000’s of teachers over 1000’s of years in 1000’s of places.” ~ The Spectrum of Yoga by Trudy Prevost.

Rainbow Yoga: The Style

Rainbow Yoga Sessions celebrate The Cultural Diversity of Yoga – as you participate in A Rainbow Yoga Style Session you will hear the teacher mention Yoga and Mindful Movement Practices from a few different cultures.

After nearly 50 years of yoga practice and study I feel like I have only just skimmed the surface of what there is out there to learn.  But I find it inspiring and interesting to research the many influences there have been on our yoga practice. The Cultural Diversity of Yoga is not only interesting but it can improve your practice as you look at a different pose or a different of way of doing things.

So far in my studies I have found I can usually categorize The Styles of Yoga into a few general Cultural Based Yoga: African Yoga; Indian Yoga; Tibetan Yoga; and Chinese Yoga.

There are many Styles of Yoga but each involves the practice of a variety of The Techniques of Yoga in a variety of ways with a variety of goals and focuses and claims a heritage to a Culture Based Yoga

Rainbow Yoga; The Style of Yoga is fundamentally based on sharing this concept therefore our classes are diverse; cross cultural; and unique.

This is the start of a series of posts on The Cultures of  Yoga and Rainbow Yoga The Style.

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Learn more about The Cultures of Yoga in our Yoga Teacher Training! We study the history; the tenants; the practice; the poses and the styles that have evolved from Indian Yoga; Tibetian Yoga; Chinese Yoga and African Yoga.

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