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Recycle Your Yoga Mat

Is your yoga mat worn out?

Don’t throw it away – recycle it!

People have thought up a multitude of ways to recycle an old yoga mat even though The History of Yoga Mats is short ….

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The Home

Jar Opening Pads – cut old yoga mat into squares slightly larger than jar lids and use to grip when opening jars.

Floor Protectors – cut the yoga mat into small pads that fit under the foot of furniture legs. Glue on and put an end to scratching floors.

Rug Gripper — place your old mat under an area rug for no-slip gripping. The floors are protected from the dirt and dust that falls through the rug.

Drawer/Shelf Liners – cut the mat to fit and line drawers or shelves to prevent slippage and breakage.

Step Treads – cut the mat into rectangles slightly smaller than the size of the step — glue on for a permanent solution or let the mat’s inherent stickiness hold it in place for easy removal. You can use these on outside or inside stairs.

Baby Bath Mat – cut an old yoga mat to appropriate size and use on the bottom of the sink or tub to prevent slippage or use for water resistant padding when drying and dressing the baby.

Packing Mats – use old yoga mats to protect glassware and furniture while moving or shipping.  Cut into the appropriate sizes, or use whole.

Coasters – cut rounds or squares for coasters. You can also glue laminated pictures on top for prettier coasters.

Hot Pads –  cut pieces of old yoga mat and glue to the bottom of beautiful ceramic tiles to make hot pads that protect tables and prevent sliding.

Entrance Mats – Cut to fit closet floors or place in foyers as a place for muddy shoes.

Dried Flowers Support – cut into pieces for holding artificial or dried flowers in place in vases.

Flower Pot Drainage – Cut into strips and use for drainage in flower pots.

Flower Pot Mats – cut into a slightly larger shape then the saucer of the flower pot. Place under the saucer to protect surface from rust or stains and rugs from compression.

Draft Protectors – cut and roll old yoga mats to plug up drafty places and save energy — windows, doors, under window air conditioners.

Home Equipment Mats – cut the old yoga mat and place under the washing machine, freezer; refrigerator or other equipment to protect floors.

Bedside Mat – lay an old yoga mat next to beds so the weak and infirm don’t slip while getting in and out of bed.

The Pets

Pet Carrier Pad – cut the old yoga mat to line the carrying crate to prevent sliding, provide non slip footing, improve padding and make clean up easier.

Food Dish Pad –  – cut the old yoga mat to fit under the pet’s food and water dishes to make cleanup easier and prevent the dishes from sliding around.

Kitty Litter Box Mat – place the kitty litter box on top of a yoga mat cut to be wider and longer then the box to capture any misses and clean their paws as they exit.

Travel Mat – use an old yoga mat on the car seat when travelling with a pet to protect the seats and give them more traction.

Sleeping Mat – a folded yoga mat is a great sleeping mat for dogs or cats. Easy to travel with.

The Campsite

Sleeping Mat – place an old yoga mat under the sleeping bag or sheets for extra padding when sleeping on the ground. It can double as your practice mat.

Door Mat – lay yoga mat/s just outside the entrance of the tent. It provides a clean padded surface to kneel down on when entering and exiting the tent as well as preventing dirt from entering the tent.

The Playground

Floppy Frisbee – cut circles out and make Floppy Frisbees.

Jungle Gym Padding – shred old yoga mats and use for  jungle gym under the equipment or at the end of the slide for softer landings!

Sports Bases – cut old yoga mats to make bases for baseball or rounders. Easy to carry. put away and clean!

The School/ Home School

Masks – cut into appropriate shape then cut eye holes; decorate; punch holes on each side and attach elastic to create masks.

Costumes – cut old yoga mats for a unique cloth to make into hats and costumes.

Water Toys –  cut into shapes and letters for tub and pool toys.

Shapes Decorations/Mobile – use cookie cutters or scissors to cut old yoga mats into shapes – punch a hole in the top and hang or attach to mobile.

Snowflake Decorations/Mobile – cut old yoga mat into a square then fold and cut it into snowflake ornaments – punch a hole in the top and hang or attach to mobile.

Arts and Craft Pad – make crafting mats for painting; pay dough or science experiments to assist with cleanup and prevent slippage and spills!

Stamps – cut old yoga mats into shapes and use as stamps with non-toxic paint. Glue a couple of layers together to make the stamp thicker and easier to handle.

Decorations – trace and cut out patterns from the unworn areas and make decorations

Educational Equipment – use an exacto-knife to cut out shapes, letters, numbers, etc. Perfect for little fingers.

Sitting Mats – cut old mats to sun; moon; star; square shapes just the right size for your students to sit on.

Circle Time/Assembly Mats – Cut old Yoga mats into appropriate size to provide a personal space for the student to remain in yet take up as little space as possible. These are much easier for students to carry and put away then chairs.

The Car/Truck

Dashboard Protector – Use an old yoga mat to protect your car from sun by laying it over the window or the dashboard and steering wheel.

Picnic Mat – keeping an old yoga mat inn the car is great for those spur of the moment picnics,

Truck Back Mat – use an old mat on the floor of the truck back to protect paint. prevent scratches and slippage.

Trunk Mat – cover the floor of the trunk with yoga mats to keep groceries from sliding around in the trunk.

Beach Mat – keep an old yoga mat in the car to use on the beach instead of a towel.

Roof Protector – before putting a rack on the car, cut an old yoga mat down, so that it ends up being under the rack to protect the car roof

Moving Pad – put an old yoga mat between what you carry and the roof of the car  to protect both from abrasion.

Event/Bleecher Mat – use an old yoga mat to protect clothes and provide padding when sitting on the ground or on benches. Provides better protection from wet surfaces than a blanket.

Mechanics Mat – lay an old yoga mat down over the wet, muddy, snowy, dusty, yucky, cold ground or concrete to make work more comfortable. Hose it off afterward to keep it clean.

Sit Upons – cut the mat into equal pieces to make one top and bottom (the size of a newspaper laid flat). Next, punch holes about every 2 inches all the way around (both top and bottom). Then, take a couple of days worth of newspapers and lay them between the top and bottom. Use yarn, ribbon, rawhide, etc. to lace the holes and tie off. To re-stuff, untie and add new newspaper.

The Garden

Knee Pad – use a folded yoga mat as a knee pad.

Weed Killer -lay an old mat over a section of garden and let the mat and the sun’s heat smother the growth of weeds and their seeds. Just remove the mat to another spot in the garden when you are ready to plant.

The Yoga Studio

Yoga Pads – cut the old mats into “baby yoga mats” and use under hands and knees to protect from  hard floor.

Knee Savers – cut an old mat into rectangles, roll tightly, and tape to stay closed. I call them knee-savers, for those in yoga class whose knees are tight – put it behind the knee, then bend the knee to hold in place. It helps the knee open gently.

The Office

Mouse Pads – cut old yoga mats to make mouse pads.

The Workshop/Garage

Workbench Pad – cut the old yoga mat to fit the workbench to prevent slippage and protect surfaces.

Corner/ Sharp Edge Padding – use old yoga mats to cover sharp corners like in a parking garage or school.

Wall Protectors – grommet the corners and suspend the old yoga mat from the ceiling of a garage or workshop to lower noise levels and protect walls.

Sound Proofing – tack old yoga mats against walls for an interesting aesthetic effect while also providing sound-proofing. It can also be tacked to the back of an upright piano for the same purposes.


homeless shelters

animal  rescue shelter


nursing homes

primary schools

Wash the Mat Mats recycled in this way are easy to clean. They can be wiped; thrown in with a load of wash on cold temperatures; hosed down; moped with a clean mop or when really dirty scrubbed with a brush.

Most things made from recycled yoga mats are easy  to store, lightweight, washable, reusable, and provide padding.

 I am sure there is a myriad of other uses limited only by our imaginations! I will add your tip if you send it in! 🙂

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