Posted by: Trudy Prevost | July 21, 2016

Yoga for Rounded Bodies

” If you are in a larger body and you want to start practicing yoga the first thing you need to do is stop thinking about your body size – immediately. Just disregard it; it doesn’t matter. There may be points in your life where it matters what size you are; you know; if you are trying to buy pants at the gap or you’re to like trying to jump out of an airplane there is a weight limit – this is not one of those times. So be comfortable with the fact that as you are showing up on your mat you are perfect already.” ~ Jessamyn Stanley; Yoga Teacher; Writer; Body Positive Activist


“Yoga helped me accept the way my body is” ~ Jessamyn Stanley; Yoga Teacher; Writer; Body Positive Activist This woman teaches advanced format vinyasa flow yoga!


I am so happy to see people of all body shapes and ages embracing yoga in the media. I have had the privilege of working with people of all body sizes in my teaching practice.

So many people tell me yoga is for thin people or yoga is for small people. Like this teacher says in another video if you study the leading Yoga Media sites and magazines all you see is white slim women in extremely strong poses.

I never used to see articles about African Yoga; photos of people of all ages; cultures and body types practicing yoga – but that is changing. Oh joy!

This woman is extremely wise in her approach. How can a larger bodied person start yoga?


She has a good Beginner’s Yoga class on youtube.



Here is her Beginner Intermediate Class


You can support her by purchasing her online classes


Raspect  Jessamyn Stanley!


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