Posted by: Trudy Prevost | June 2, 2016

Wash the Yoga Mat

Corporate Yoga Session for Archipelago Trading by Rainbow Yoga

If you practice yoga in a gym or studio make sure to ask the owner or teacher what their policy is for washing the mats.

I suggest you inquire into the process as I have had teachers tell me the mats were ‘clean’ but later found out they had been used for weeks without washing or wiping.

At Rainbow Yoga we strive to wash the mats after every single use; it is one of the services we provide as mindful professionals.

This improves the esthetics of our classes as dirty stained mats are unsightly and can be uncomfortably smelly when we have to breathe deeply down close to the floor.

Policies are changing but over my years of practicing yoga I have been aghast at how laisse faire some yoga teachers are about the mats they provide.

I myself when I started teaching yoga did not even think about unrolling mats for my students that had been used by others; in some cases many others.

As my mindfulness moved into my Business Management I realized I had to change my patterns and wash all yoga mats after every use.

The best way to ensure the yoga mat you are using is clean is to buy your own or always bring a cloth or towel to have under you.

Just thinking about the diseases that can be passed on blows me away: Athlete’s Foot; Nail Fungus; Ring Worm; Head Lice; Scabies; Pin Worms ……

You can wash mats in the washing machine – if you have not allowed them to get too dirty this will keep them clean and actually enhance the stickiness of the mat. (I always wash new yoga mats as certain types are slippery when new) Note: hot water can be damaging to some mats.

I actually scrub mats with a brush when they get really dirty – I have returned dirty stained mats to a new quality with a brush.

At the very least I wipe the yoga mat after each use with a mixture of vinegar; water; liquid soap with tea tree and bay oil to kill germs and fungus.

Enjoy your yoga! Be mindful! Clean your mat!Papilotte group Grasshopper
Rainbow Yoga in a Garden



  1. […] Wash the Mat Mats recycled in this way are easy to clean. They can be wiped; thrown in with a load of wash on cold temperatures; hosed down; moped with a clean mop or when really dirty scrubbed with a brush. […]

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