Posted by: Trudy Prevost | June 10, 2015

World’s Oldest Yoga Teachers – Tao Porchon-Lynch

 Every morning I get up and I don’t think about what I’m going to do tomorrow, or today, or what I did yesterday,” she said. “I think it’s going to be the best day of my life.” ~ Tao Porchon – Lynch; New York Post



Tao Porchon-Lynch has inspired me for years now – she has been recognized as The World’s Oldest Yoga Teacher since 2012 by The Guiness Book of World Records and every time she hits the news I am filled with joy to see her achieve another dream ….. in her 90’s!

I absolutely love how she immerses herself in each activity because she enjoys them and then lets it flow – in this case to win a famous dance contest.

“I am not interested in knowing about what I cannot do only what I can.” ~ Tao Porchon – Lynch; TED Talks

She does not give up – she continued practicing and teaching yoga after a hip replacement and a rod in her leg; double hip replacement in her 80’s; a broken wrist and now she is dancing and on her 3rd hip replacement!

Just recently she wowed the judges and the audience with her dancing skills – they gave her  standing ovation on America’s Got Talent 2015.

Her life reads as a fairy tale; born in India; marched with Ghandi; modelled in France; befriended by Marilyn Monroe in Hollywood; works with the Dali Lama …..

Her yoga bio is just as impressive: Started practicing yoga at 8 years old on the beach in India! Practiced yoga for 70 years! Teaching yoga for 56 years! Studied with BKS Iyengar and K Pattabhi Jois! At 96 she can balance her weight on her hands!

You don’t want to put in your mind anything negative,” ~ Tao Porchon – Lynch; Huffington Post
“Nature has been my encyclopedia of life.”  ~ Tao Porchon – Lynch; TED Talks
Yoga is the dance of life within ourselves.” ~ Tao Porchon – Lynch; TED Talks

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