Posted by: Trudy Prevost | May 23, 2015

The Hidden Benefits of Yoga

DSCF3444[1] Silk Asara; Yoga Teacher; Musician; Health and Wellness Entrepreneur; Member of Rainbow Yoga Health and Wellness – developer of Roots Yoga – practice with Silk at The Rainbow Yoga Health and Wellness Studio Harlem Plaza. Find yourself from within……

The Hidden Benefits of Yoga

The physical benefits of yoga are absolutely amazing but after we get a little deeper into our practice we start to see a whole range of benefits we really did not see when we started our practice.

After we find the right and left side of the body; after we realize no one is looking at us; after we stop holding our breath and breathe normally – we start to free up.

We start to accept our bodies and mood; observe them without judging – we adapt our practice to what is right for our bodies and our state of mind at the moment.

We become aware of healthy and unhealthy patterns of movement and living = we begin to strive towards balanced mindful patterns of being.

We start to know our bodies from within; this body awareness allows us to achieve optimum functional fitness without injury – we become more ‘Body Honest’.

We begin to truly find our breath and this heightened awareness of the breath allows us to start moving the body with the breath – we become more mindful.

Our attention and presence start to be maintained by the continuous moment by moment awareness of the fusion of our mind body and breath – we become more mindful.

Our awareness of internal changes is enhanced and we begin to prevent Repetitive Stress Injury from our day to day living by acknowledging tightness in the muscles – we start to practice ‘Self Care’.

We start to improve muscle strength through our focus and the fine tuning of our movements and we suddenly can practice stronger and stronger positions – without pain we gain.

We begin to accept the flexibility of our muscles and allow our bodies to go only to that delicious level of stretch and suddenly we realize we are a little more flexible our muscles have increased in resting length – without pain we gain.

We learn to look within finding our edge and increasing it without strain; our ability to self monitor tells us whether to soften or engage; ease off or deepen  – without pain we gain.

We realize we actually have control over muscles with our mind and we learn to release our muscles consciously – we find the external stillness our bodies can have.

We realize we actually can control the chatter of our mind, we find the quiet place in our mind – we find the internal stillness our minds can have.

We become aware of the subtle energy flows within our bodies gaining an energetic intimacy with ourselves and the environment.


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