Posted by: Trudy Prevost | September 3, 2013

Beneficial Exercises for Pregnancy Yoga


Pelvic Floor: Pelvic floor lifts – Mula bhanda, Keigel or Elevator; are the best techniques for toning pelvic floor muscles. Practicing these poses (10 to 50 times a day if possible) promotes greater awareness of pelvic area which can: aid birthing; prevent incontinence; prevent hemorrhoids; prevent prolapse (collapse) of pelvic floor muscles; facilitate recovery after birth; enhance sexual experience and bring awareness to opening the cervix and birth canal for birthing.

Pelvis: Any posture which opens up the pelvis is invaluable during pregnancy. Butterfly (lying or sitting), pelvic clock, knees to chest, lying down cross legged, squats, seated or standing wide legged forward bends.

Hips: Hip openers will help create the flexibility that will make giving birth easier. Working with the hips during pregnancy is excellent however it is not a good idea to hold deep sharp folds at the hips for a long time, as this can stop blood flow. If you’re resting with your legs up the wall, it is best to have your buttocks approx 20-30 cms away from wall.

Legs: standing poses strengthen the legs; promote circulation, may reduce or prevent leg cramps.

Back: Massage back throughout pregnancy with gentle twists, knees to chest and child poses. It is also advisable to do some stretching such as the hamstrings stretch or forward bends. Side stretches and gentle back bends are very beneficial.



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