Posted by: Trudy Prevost | January 10, 2013

Find the “Flow” – Practice Cardio Flow Yoga

“FLOW is a state of concentration or complete absorption with the activity at hand and the situation. The idea of FLOW is identical to the feeling of being in the zone or in the groove. The flow state is an optimal state of intrinsic motivation, where the person is fully immersed in what he or she is doing. This is a feeling everyone has at times, characterized by a feeling of great absorption, engagement, fulfillment, and skill—and during which temporal concerns (time, food, ego-self, etc.) are typically ignored.” ~ Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi; PHD Psychology; former head of the department of psychology at the University of Chicago In his seminal work, Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience,

Flow, involves conscious concentration on a defined area of attention to the point where nothing else seems to matter. Those who practice yoga call it the “bliss” state; athletes refer to it as “being in the zone,” religious mystics as being in “ecstasy,” artists and musicians as “aesthetic rapture.”

When in the “flow” time flies by. Awareness of the moment overtakes awareness of the past or future. It is the full involvement in the flow, that can truly enhance our quality of life.

We can be happy experiencing the pleasures of life:  warm sunshine, a serene relationship, but this kind of happiness is dependent on favourable external circumstances. The happiness that follows flow is of our own making, and we can return to those feelings over and over.

Discover the joy of a Rainbow Yoga Cardio Yoga Class. During our cardio flow classes we build a flow of exercises that are linked together with the breath. This meditative vinyasa changes every class to improve functional fitness. The goal is to enter the state of “flow” while working the entire body in a balanced and body honest way.

Find the flow! with Rainbow Yoga


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