Posted by: Trudy Prevost | January 7, 2013

Yoga Teacher Training Session 3b

These gatherings are so much fun! We cook together; practice yoga together; discuss green living; appropriate technology; sustainable living; herbal medicine; whatever is scheduled.

During this second half of the 3rd session of our 10 session program we covered the following curriculum components.

The Techniques of Yoga

* The Mind Body Breath Connection – Finding the connection there is between the mind body and breath and utilizing it to enhance the quality of our lives.

* The Body Honesty of Yoga – Developing our introspection to maximize our workout and prevent injuries while practicing yoga postures.

The Mindful Breath of Yoga 

We reviewed the Breath Awareness Techniques; The Breath Control Techniques; the 3 Part Yoga Breath and The Counted Breath – Modulation. Then we explored a new way to manipulate our breath.

* The Counted Breath – Retention – We continue developing our breath control through the manipulation of the pauses of the breath.

 The Mindful Movements of Yoga 

Forward Bends – we explore the benefits; the mechanics; as well as tips for teaching Forward Bends; taking an in depth look at over 30 variations of forward bending from  over 8 different base positions.

Foot Exercises – we continue adding to our repertoire of foot therapies and movements; secure that at the end of this program we can improve the functional fitness of our students ankles and feet.

Hand and Wrist Exercises – we study the Technique of Hand and Wrist Exercises – the area; the movements the benefits and the; taking an in depth look at our first of 15 different wrist exercises we will cover over the 2 years.


The Methodologies of Teaching Yoga – We reviewed Verbal; Visual; Imagery; Mathematical and Anatomical Cues; the differences between them and the ways they can benefit the students in finding the poses.

The Business of Yoga – We demonstrated how the knowledge we are learning can be utilized in Workshops; Corporate Yoga Programmes; Weekly Yoga Classes and Private Therapeutic Sessions.


The Joints and Their Movements – We looked at where the different Types of Joints (Ball and Socket; Hinge; Saddle; Ellipsoid; Pivot; Gliding) are located in the body as well as well as what movements they are capable of. We looked at Arthritis of the Joints and what can be done to alleviate the effects of this challenge.



To open the day we practiced yoga looking at the poses and techniques from a teachers and a students point of view. I introduced Yoga with Weights to participants and the potential benefits of that type of yoga.We had the additional opportunity of learning the precise movements that were safe for possible compression in the lower spine and how to diagnose where along the spine the problem might be. Our focus was on all the variations and classifications of Back Bends: Seated; Standing; Hands and Knees; Prone; Supine and Side Lying.

Then we studied anatomy for a few hours. We are so blessed to have such a knowledgeable Anatomy Teacher. We joined Arianne Magloire; a certified Physiotherapist in drawing and feeling the different types of joints in our body and the movements they are capable of.

We cooked a Caribbean Plant Based Coconut Ital for lunch. With real brown/whole grain rice, lentils and other vegetables to  ensure we have a wide spectrum of colours in our food. We discussed the most healthy cooking utensils to use including the benefits of cast iron pots and the potential side effects of aluminium pots. We were initiated to the European Three Kings Holiday and our dessert was a traditional cake with one king hidden in it; the person who got was chosen to wear a crown!

During lunch we discussed the environmental and health ramifications of Geo Thermal Electricity.

After lunch we had a short introduction to Gyrokenesis

We closed with a Cardio Flow Yoga Class incorporating an ancient Taoist Breath. We looked at poses good for Sciatic Challenges and ways to build a flow of yoga poses to facilitate a cardio workout and a sweat.

We bade each other good bye with the next meeting to look forward to.

Oh joy!

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