Posted by: Trudy Prevost | October 1, 2012

Rainbow Yoga Teacher Training

Just completed first session of yoga teacher training.

What a fun and informative gathering. I was was so involved I did not take one picture – next time!

In covering the Spectrum of Yoga we studied:


Topic: The Overview of Yoga

The Defining of Yoga

The Meaning of ‘Yoga’

The Languages of Yoga

The Traditions of Yoga

The Techniques of Yoga


Topic: The Techniques of Yoga

The Mindfulness of Yoga

The Mindful Breath of Yoga

The Mindful Movement of Yoga


Topic: The Mindfulness Techniques of Yoga

Sub Topic: Relaxation Techniques

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Guided Relaxation


Topic: The Mindful Breaths of Yoga

3 Part Yoga Breath


Topic: The Mindful Postures of Yoga

Sub Topic: Relaxation Poses

Relaxation Pose Supine

Relaxation Pose Prone

Relaxation Pose Side Lying

Relaxation Pose Seated


Sub Topic: Mountain/Base Poses

Mountain Pose Supine

Mountain Pose Prone

Mountain Pose Side Lying

Mountain Pose Seated

Mountain Pose Quadruped

Mountain Pose Standing


Pelvic Tilt


Topic: The Lifestyle of Yoga

Sub Topic: The Nutrition of Yoga

Caribbean Plant Based Diet




Topic: The Methodologies of the Teaching of Yoga

Teacher Best Practices

Learning Modalities


Topic: The Teaching of the Techniques of Yoga

Teaching the Mindfulness of Yoga

Teaching the Mindful Breath of Yoga

Teaching the Mindful Movement of Yoga




Topic: Orientation to the Body

Anatomic Planes and Sections

Terms of Position and Direction

I will keep you updated as we dance through this program together.




  1. Hi! I just found your posts by looking up on yoga in Dominica. Your information is wonderful! I am interested in your classes and yoga teacher training. I am wondering if you think you may be continuing teacher trainings in the future? I live in Canada but am considering coming to Dominica. I would love to put my name on the list for future participants! Whenever you have a good moment to do so I will be happy to hear back. Your teacher training program sounds exactly what I have been looking for. A foundation that develops naturally. Thanks. I was so inspired to find this! Good day to you out there doing this deep work and namaste:)

    • Hi; Thanks for your lovely comments. I was raised in Canada – what part are you in?
      Come and visit – this country is amazing. Contact me when you know what area of Dominica you will be staying in. I do classes all over the island and they frequently change as to location and times so I will be better able to tell you what classes are nearby. The classes are worth $10 US a little less than most places but I have a sliding scale according to the type of dollars you are earning. That way people earning the low wages of DA can still attend. My yoga teacher training programme is at this point an in depth 2 year training. We are in the inaugural year with 7 people who live here – after we give it a trial run we will adapt it to suit a few different educational mediums. Keep in touch. Bless!

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