Posted by: Trudy Prevost | June 22, 2011

Rainbow Yoga Teacher Training Programme

” I forget how much of my yoga teaching is based on your yoga!” ~ Corrine Mah; Mahaloka Yoga

I have been asked to present a teacher training programme for over 15 years now. I am so excited to finally get started!

I started to study yoga at 16 in 1970. Hittleman was an inspiration in the 70’s as well as Iyengar.

After 30 years of practice I saw so many benefits in my life I decided to take a yoga teacher training before I moved to Dominica. I felt it would compliment my previous health and wellness studies in herbal medicine; vegetarian cooking; organic farming; natural living; early childhood education; nature education and community living.

My yoga teacher training journey was mind blowing. It deepend my practice tremendously and opened a whole new world of health and wellness studies.

I was fortunate to study with Archa Mati of Sahaj Yoga Centre in Toronto Canada for two years. Her teacher training programme emphaisized the wholistic practice of yoga not just the physical. She also believed practicing a wide range of variations provided a better result.

I spent the last 15 years dedicated to deepening my knowledge of yoga and the ongoing improvement of my yoga teaching skills. Now I get to share; how joyfull!

Rainbow Yoga Teacher Training Starting September 2011.

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