Posted by: Trudy Prevost | February 14, 2011

Yoga by a Waterfall

Relaxing; rejeuvenating Yoga Brunch at one of Dominica’s most well known Eco Retreats.

The yoga experience …. yoga in nature is special; in this location we breathe deeply of the moisture laden air; we look to the forest canopy overhead; we gaze at the tropical gardens around us; we listen to the sounds of the waters that surround us.

The health and wellness experience …. mindful yoga practice, immersion in nature, hot mineral waters, cool spring waters, healthy food, a strolling walk through exotic tropical gardens.

The eco experience …. this retreat centre is committed to conserving indigenous species and celebrating the natural biodiversity of Dominica’s forests and wildlife. They also meet other eco tourism expectations, including eco operations; staff managment and community contributions.

This is one of our oldest ongoing tours. I just love the sounds of the waterfall while we practice I also love the circle of the platform.

Practicing yoga in a light rain is fun but if it rains really hard we move to the Cabana – a little higher up in the gardens. This venue is not beside the waterfall but it is dry!

This programme is in the rainforest so I recommend that you bring an extra set of dry clothing in case it rains on our garden tour or during our yoga.

You will also need a cloth to lie on and a swimsuit if you wish to bathe. It can get cool there you may want a sweater.

If numbers warrant you will have two options for yoga

Morning: 9 am

Afternoon: 2 pm

For the hot pooling; the garden tour and the brunch we will all be together. Maximum size of group is 15. Maximum size of yoga class is 7.

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