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Rainbow Yoga at the Health and Wellness Expo

Rainbow Yoga is proud to announce they will be at the Health and Wellness Expo for the second year in a row. Join us for a sampling of the different styles of yoga we offer!

Saturday May 22 at the University of West Indies; near Alliance Francais

Terri Henry has done a great job organizing this event!

There will be a wide range of Health and Wellness promoters there! 

Health and Wellness Expo Program

Saturday May 22nd 2010

The Dominica Health and Wellness Expo 2010 will take place in the grounds of UWI on Saturday May 22nd from 10-6pm. This showcase of Dominica’s Health and Wellness industry will take place in tented arenas -there will be a grand exhibition of locally available Health & Wellness services and products, a vibrant program of interactive classes and workshops and an ital foods bar.

Workshops Program

10am -11am

Opening of event with Carnival Queen Marcia Baptiste plus invited ministers

11am – 11:45am

Dance your way to Joy and Bliss – Charity Joy

Warm-up with yoga poses, look within to find movements your body enjoys and then get grooving with the dance styles of hip hop, breakdance, african and dancehall. The class will cool down with a few moments of deep relaxation with Thai massage adjustments to put your body into a state of utter bliss!

12pm – 1pm

Caribbean Raw Foods Demo – Chantel Selman

Food is your medicine and using Raw foods is the best way to achieve optimal wellness and vitality. This interactive and vibrant presentation given by Raw Foods chef, Chantel Selman from Barbados will show how to make simple yet delicious raw food dishes with our local produce. Come and taste sample dishes and be inspired!

1pm – 2pm

Lunch Break – Music by Phase Five Steel Pan

2pm – 2:45pm

Spinal Health: Your Responsibility for Wellness – Dr Janet Taylor: Quantum Leap

Find out how to have better physical, mental and emotional well-being by participating in stress management techniques and an interactive workshop about your nervous system.

3pm – 3:45pm

A Journey into Yoga by Trudy Scott Prevost: Rainbow Yoga

Take this unique opportunity to experience the different styles and types of yoga that Rainbow Yoga provides in Dominica. We will talk about the various components of the Yoga Lifestyle Program including diet, meditation, physical exercise, cleansing of the body and mind and kindness to yourself and others.

This class will provide participants with practical samples of Hatha Yoga, Recovery Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga, Cardio Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga.

Class facilitator Trudy Scott Prevost has practiced yoga for 40 years; completed a 2 year yoga teacher training program and has 20 years experience teaching yoga. Turn off your phones, take off your shoes, be in the moment and practice yoga.

4pm – 4:45pm

Free up all the way down to your DNA – An exploration of Gene Keys by Martha Cuffy: Nature Isle Wellness

Melt your stress away and learn how to build the strength and confidence to be yourself, no matter what life throws at you. After guiding you through a deep relaxation process and bringing smiles to your faces, Martha will then explore unique keys to unlocking your potential using Gene Keys – a contemporary teaching which creates new conditions for self-love, happiness and fulfillment, right inside your busy daily life. Learn to embrace and then transform the fear, deadness and suffering in yourself and the world through the power of your awakened and pure heart.

4:45 – 5:15pm

Prize Raffle Draw

5:15pm – 6pm

Martial Arts Demonstration – Purple Dragon Dojo

Be amazed and electrified by the powerful display of discipline, strength, agility and skill of the Purple Dragon Dojo. Led by Sensei Shannah Robin, a third degree black belt, the students of this local Karate class   will show you their moves and leave you wide eyed, open mouthed and totally inspired at the true potential of the human body and mind. 


Rainbow Yoga

Caribbean Ayurvedic Institute (Ojas Oil and Aurvedic treatments)

Harmony Massage (Massage & Relexology)

Charity Joy (Thai Massage demos and Acro flying yoga!)

Treehouse Bakery (Vegan Foods)

Ariane Peters (Physiotherapy & Massage)

Quantum Leap (Chiropractic)

Shangri-la Rainforest Resort

Transcendental Meditation Centre

Onelove Livity (Ecotherapy & Eco-Parenting)

Nature Isle Wellness (Yoga, Gene Keys)

Patricia Martini (Homeopathy)

Helene Jonquet (Massage)

Nature Fresh (Natural products -teas, juices etc)

Dominica Organic Agriculture Association (Membership table and Farmers Market)

Ellen Haas (Massage, energy healing)

Herbs the Healer (Local herbal products)

Fitness Plus (Gym and exercise classes)

Debbie Shillingford (Natural/Eco products)

Coal Pot Soaps (Natural soaps etc)

Chantel Selman (Raw foods and Iridology)

Astaphans – (Health foods)

plus more to be confirmed


Food supplied by:

Natural Livity

Strictly Itals

Marcia Fruit Bowls



Astaphans Right Place Right Price

Kai-K Boutique

Fort Young Hotel

Arden Sound System

Raffle Prizes

One month membership to Fitness Plus Gyms x 3

A Prime Gifts Session with Martha (approx 1 hour, 400 EC value)

Full Body Massage with Ariane

Full Body Massage with Ellen

Ojas Oil x 6 – Tony Toulon

Chiropractic Scan and discounted treatment – Quantum Leap

Private yoga class with Rainbow Yoga

Free access to river and hot tubs – Shangri-la

Private yoga session – Charity Joy

1 Dance class for children – Charity Joy

Eco diaper and changing mats – Cloth Diaper Outlet

Check out the event on Facebook! Health and Wellness Expo Discover Dominica


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