Posted by: Trudy Prevost | December 16, 2009

Taste of Dominica

A Taste of Dominica went well at Ross Medical University. Over 50 people enjoyed a taste of local foods in season.


Organic Green Fig Salad
Organic Christophene/Cucumber Salad

Pink Beans in organic coconut gravy
organic oyster mushrooms,
organic pumpkin
wild crafted kelp

organic white yam
organic green plantain
organic purple coush coush
organic sweet potato
 organic dasheen


organic sweet potato pudding


sorrel juice 
ginger juice
….. or my favourite sorrel/ginger 

The biggest hit was the sweet potato pudding by Macia. Plenty wives of students and staff got a little early Christmas gift of pudding! I was touched by the husbands love of family!

The purple coush coush was just amazing and there was a lot of interest in the sorrel.

Information sheets were available on the nutritional value and latest scientific studies of the foods.

These foods of the centenarians are the ‘health foods’ of the nation. What a privellege to share a taste with the students and staff of Ross Medical University! Thanks to Campus Life for their support in this program!

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