Posted by: Trudy Prevost | July 7, 2009

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga

The versatility of yoga never fails to amaze me. I love to teach yoga in many different ways; I feel it adds to functional fitness.

I am just as happy teaching restorative yoga classes as vinyasa cardio flow yoga.

Restorative yoga is the practice of gentle yoga poses for longer periods of time; the goal is to completely relax the body into the pose. The muscles are not expending any energy.

The healing effects of therapeutic or restorative poses increase on active relaxation of body and mind into pose.

I always include a few restorative poses in every class; such as simple supine spinal twists; the pyramid; or one of the many versions of the child pose.

More recently when people talk about restorative yoga they refer to yoga with props originally developed by B K S Iyengar. I first discovered his books in the 1970’s and they deeply influenced my yoga practice.

One restorative posture that I learned from his books and have used since my 20’s is the upward facing relaxation pose utilizing a rolled up blanket, foam swimming noodle, folded pillow, rolled mat, bolster or block under the length of my spine. I love to lay back at night for a few minutes using whatever prop suits the day to; practice deep breathing; relax my mind through mindfulness and open my chest area to counteract the tightness I get from working on a computer.

Our yoga teachers yoga teacher training covered restorative yoga extensively; we studied this style of yoga from 3 different angles:

1. Working as the ancestors did with just the body, yoga has only been done with equipment in the last 30 years.

2. Working with home made equipment and/or things around most homes such as pillows 

3. Working with the more modern yoga equipment typical in Iyengar Classes such as blocks.

Since the kind donation of 10 yoga mats last year from a long time Rainbow Yogi (wishing to remain anonymous but thank you just the same!) I have finally had the chance of teaching restorative yoga utilizing rolled mats in our weekly classes.

Rainbow Yoga is in the process of having bolsters and cushions made this fall so we will be able to experience Rainbow Yoga Restorative Yoga soon.

Just one of the many ways Rainbow Yoga can provide the yoga you need!


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