Posted by: Trudy Prevost | July 2, 2009

June July News

“One of the most profound effects of yoga is that people start getting comfortable with the body they’ve been given.” ~ Yoga the poetry of the body by Rodney Yee


Here’s wishing everyone a wonderful, healthy happy summer.

It is truly a privilege to be part of the Dominica Yoga Community. I feel blessed to watch this community expanding over the years to include many teachers; many styles and many participants!

During May Rainbow Yoga provided volunteer classes to students at the Roseau Social Centre School for teenagers. We had fun! Students practicing yoga can expect to experience: enhanced brain function; lower stress levels  and release of tightness and tension in the body from sitting at desks for a long period of time.

I am feeling nostalgic!

I AM VERY THANKFUL to have had the privilege of practicing yoga for over 40 years! 

I AM VERY THANKFUL to have had the privilege of teaching yoga for over 15 years! 

A SPECIAL THANK YOU to the Toronto Community who supported and encouraged me during the 2 years I attended my yoga teacher training.

A SPECIAL THANK YOU to the Dominican Community who has so strongly supported my Yoga Programme for the past 13 years!

I WAS BLESSED to train with Archa Mati of Sahaj Yoga Centre Toronto! I visualized a yoga teacher training programme that: was at least a year long; included relaxation therapies and meditation techniques; was non-denominational; covered a wide variety of styles of yoga and variations of poses; had a strong focus on the health benefits of yoga and provided me with many hours of student teaching. Her programme fulfilled my dreams!

I AM AMAZED that at 56 years of age I can learn to do a flying side arm balance.



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